Nerus International was established in 1995. In that period we have become the number one specialist on private label petfood- and snacks. Nerus International has a modern production facility in Eersel (NL). The entire production process from start to finish takes places in these facilities. All production steps happen in-house, from order intake to design & label printing, manufacturing, labeling the products to the package leaving the building. Every part of your order will be taken care of with the most accuracy possible. If you wish we can provide you with detailed shop-in-shop plans for every segment. Nerus has a professional and skilled team of enthousiastic experts to help you start or maintain your own brand of petsnacks. We will gladly inform you about the numerous possibilities we have to offer!

Our product range (aprox. 1500 products) contains a variety of foods and snacks for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, chickens, reptiles and horses, aquarium fish, pond fish, reptiles. As well as some supplements and watercare products.

Our packaging contains a wide range of transparant jars (100ml, 250ml, 330ml, 1 litre etc.), and transparant and black buckets (1 litre, 1,2 litre, 2,5 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre etc.).

Besides that we can offer you a complete range of firm, transparant (ziploc) foils and bags.

All of our products will be packed with a full colour label, especially and exclusively designed for your company at your specific wishes. All we need for you is to send us your company logo (EPS, PDF, JPEG in high resolution (min. 300 dpi)), together with (optional) information (for example adress, website etc.) to be printed on the label. Our designdepartment will then make, free of charge, a label proposal for you. After your apporval we're ready to go! The label will be unique and will be solely used for your orders and company.

Without any investment costs at all you can launch your own private label brand and surprise and inspire your customers.
Our private label concept is very interesting for any petstore or gardencenter, regardless of the size of your business.

We are also the exclusive dealer of Easy Life watercare (aquarium fresh- and seawater and pond) products in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Did you know Nerus was the first manufacturer to introduce Peanutbutter for Birds (100% grinded peanuts with birdseeds, mealworms, fruits and sunflowerseeds)? We started this product some 3 years ago and made it a huge succes in The Netherlands. Since then we have not given away our number one position in bringing new and innovative products on the petmarket! Until this day our peanutbutter is unmatched when it comes to quality and price. Last years we have started the new brand PINDYBIRD with a complete and very original line of tasty birdsnacks. With our unique wooden PINDYBIRD TREE you will have a beautiful eyecatcher in your store!

If you wish to recieve more information, a login for our website or perhaps a catalogue. Please let us know and we will provide you with all the details. You can always contact us by email or phone. Phone: 0031-(0)497-518062 or by email: info[at]nerus.nl.

´╗┐Nerus International B.V. - Meerheide 10 - 5521 DZ - Eersel - Nederland - Tel: 0031-(0)497-518062 - info[at]nerus.nl - www.nerus.nl
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